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Support Worker Application Form

Important information

Prior to completing the Application Form:

All Support Workers are required to have access to the internet once they accept a support assignment. This is because Support Workers are required to read assignment information emailed to them, read online guidance and submit online records (if they are required for their role). If you anticipate that you will have a problem with accessing the internet then please contact the office on 0114 278 6866.

Clear Links Support Workers are required to complete an enhanced criminal records check including checks on the children and adults barred lists for all support roles. You will be asked to undergo a check if you are offered a support assignment. Clear Links will cover the cost of the check but you will need to complete the relevant paper work as soon as possible when asked. Please contact the office on 0114 278 6866 if you would like to discuss enhanced criminal records checks before you apply. Further information on criminal records checks can be found on the Disclosure and Barring Service website:

Completing the Application Form:

Please complete the Application Form using upper and lower case letters as in usual grammatical English because the information will be processed directly into our systems.

For example:
Albert Smith
3 Albert Street

Please read our Privacy Notice which provides accessible information about our use of your personal data. It is important that you read this so that you are fully aware of how and why we are using your data and your rights over this data.

Fields with an asterisk * are required to be filled in/completed.

Personal Information
Contact details
In the interest of data protection and privacy, please enter a personal email address which you will continue to use. If you currently have a shared email address please sign up to a free email provider for the purpose of receiving Clear Links correspondence.
Worker roles

Please tick the support area you are interested in:

If you are not sure what roles to apply for please leave the boxes blank and we will assess your skills, qualifications and experience to determine what roles may be suitable.

We may decide not to process your application for all of the roles which you have specified in your application if we feel they are not suitable for you.
Please tick the boxes to indicate which days and times you are available for work
Morning Afternoon Evening
If you are currently a student, please complete the section below:

Please provide the email addresses of two people we can ask for references. The referees should, if possible, know you from previous or current employment (eg line manager) or in an academic capacity (eg course tutor). Please indicate your relationship to both referees.

We cannot accept:
  • family members (unless also known through employment)
  • employment referees without a business email address
  • academic referees without an academic email address

2 character references

Please note that Clear Links may take up these references immediately. We would therefore advise you to ask your referees for their permission before naming them in your application.

Reference 1
Reference 2
Upload CV

Please attach your CV with file extension .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt or .pdf by clicking on the Browse/Choose File button.

Agreements and Acceptance

In relation to working for Clear Links you need to read and understand our Worker Expected Standards and our Data Protection Instructions for Support Workers.

Please read the documents below (all links open in a new window), click in the boxes and enter your name to agree that you have read them and understood them. By entering your name and ticking the boxes you are confirming that you agree to be bound by the terms of these instructions and standards, and that the typing of your name into the box is to be accepted as your electronic signature.

You also need to read and accept the 'Terms of Engagement for Support Workers' and the ‘Data Processor Agreement’ which constitute a contract of services between Clear Links and the Support Worker and govern all Services undertaken by the Support Worker.

By registering on the Clear Links website, accepting the Assignment Confirmation or commencing the provision of the Services (whichever is the earliest) the Support Worker is deemed to have accepted these Terms in their entirety.

Please read the documents below, click in the boxes and enter your name to indicate your acceptance. By entering your name and ticking the boxes you are confirming that you agree to be bound by the Terms of Engagement and Data Processor Agreement and that the typing of your name into the box is to be accepted as your electronic signature.


Submitting may take a few minutes depending on file sizes